What is a spirit medium?

A spirit medium is a person who communicates with spirits telepathically by hearing, feeling, and seeing visual impressions, symbols, and scenes from the spirit world or heaven. A medium is able to receive and connect with the higher frequencies or energies that our loved ones in spirit vibrate on. For me, the messages come in my own voice but are the thoughts and impressions of your loved one in spirit. It’s like a stadium filled with people, or better yet, similar to the Verizon commercial when “the network” (a large crowd) shows up at a customers’ door.

It is my interpretation of this fast moving information and images that gets transmitted to the recipient in a reading. My translation can be a little off at times but usually, about ninety percent of the information makes sense at the time of a session and there’s a good chance any information not understood at that time, might make sense later. Names of the living and of those past are always brought up in a reading. Your loved ones on the other side like to acknowledge who they are, who they are with and those that are left behind. They don’t show up holding a sign saying, “I’m Billy, forty-two years old, a Gemini, and I enjoy long walks on the beach.” If I had a nickel for every time someone asks if spirits give lottery numbers, I’d have a lot of nickels. Oh, and forget pennies from heaven, I’m still waiting for silver dollars!

Does everyone have this ability?

Yes, everyone has intuition and the ability to receive messages. Some people are more open to this ability. Like any ability such as playing a musical instrument, some are naturals and some need more practice. Tools such as meditation, yoga, reading spiritual books, listening to development tapes for building psychic abilities, learning how to tune out mind chatter are just a few for tapping into your own intuitiveness. Have you ever thought of someone and almost immediately the phone rings or you bump into them? If the answer is yes, then guess what…you’re a bit psychic! Now learn not to fear it, trust and let go and watch as this ability helps guide you and your family for years to come. Sounds easy huh? Practice makes perfect. We are all just students on this journey of life.

Isn’t mediumship against the Catholic church and Christian teachings?

I’m often asked this question. On occasion, while in a session, a client might say their mother or father wouldn’t come through because it’s against their religion. I myself was raised Irish Catholic and am still both. My faith allows me to deliver messages of hope, peace, and unconditional love from the higher side of life. I see nothing but beautiful healing occur after a connection to heaven and that’s anything but evil. To quote St. Paul and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit: “There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit…But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills”
(1 Cor. 12:4-11). ”

How can I communicate with my loved ones in heaven?

You already do when you think of them. Your thoughts go directly to them and they hear you clearly. All you need is to be patient, willing, and not fearful. Forcing it won’t help. There is no on demand button in heaven. I often sit with parents who have lost children and many of them say it’s hard to get signs. I help to point out the very subtle ones such as waking up between 3-4 a.m. when the veil is thinnest between this side and the other side. And things such as driving in the car and not really listening to the words of a song when suddenly the words hit you and mean something special.There are many ways our loved ones send us messages and communicate. We just need to learn how to differentiate between our own thoughts and theirs. How many of you have been driving and heard a voice in your head telling you to turn around? Much to your surprise, a truck or another vehicle is about to slam into your car and you experience a near miss. Now, if you hadn’t turned around you might be visiting your local auto body shop or local hospital. Our loved ones guide us and the bond of love is not cut because the physical shell is gone. Our spirits are eternal and live way beyond the life of the used car we call our bodies.

Are you hearing dead people all the time? How do you shut it off?

Many people ask me this. When I first realized I had this ability, I didn’t have much control. My friend, Tom Frederick, a Native American Shaman, helped me to realize that I was in control and I could turn the switch on and off. He said I was too open and overly empathic, causing the spirits to think they can come to me anytime they wanted. Once I realized that it was up to me, the spirits stopped hounding me and poking their heads out of my closet. Although that was fun, especially while just falling asleep and hearing…Hey, Maureen, it’s me, Bob. You’re reading my daughter tomorrow. Just thought I’d poke in to say hi. Now, I can ask them to leave me alone. If I do a really big event I might be woken up by some renegade spirits who couldn’t get through and have no spirit etiquette. My work is a challenge at times and sleep is hard to come by as it is.

Is there a heaven and hell?

I would need a separate book just to answer this question. Throughout the ages, various religions reference heaven and hell in their teachings. My own personal opinion is that we create our own realities. I don’t believe in an actual place called Hell where fire and brimstone light up the night and a man in a red suit with horns and a tail is waiting at the gates. God gave us a special gift called “free will.” I believe there are different levels of heaven, depending on how we lived out our earthly existence. I also believe that there are lower vibrating levels where spirits exist who were badly behaved (to put it lightly). Those who strived to live the spiritual laws of success such as loving unconditionally, non-judgmental, not getting caught up in material things, and helping others have a much higher vibration around them and seem closer to God or a higher vibrational level. Again, I am not God and will find out with the rest of us.

Are there “bad” spirits?

There are lower vibration spirits that can be mischievous and sometimes unsettling. Personally, I protect myself with prayer. I put up boundaries around me and surround myself with the light of God. These lower energies feed on fear so it’s important to know you are in control. If you experience an unwanted energy, which may give you goose bumps or a nauseous feeling in your stomach, tell it to leave and mean it. Holding the covers over your head and whimpering will not help. Speak to them, “I’ll pray for you but you have to leave now. Go to the light.” Say it with conviction and try not to get caught up in the anxious feeling you have. ).

I am not a fan of Ouija boards. They bring in unwanted energies that sometime don’t leave. I’m even more leery of children and teens playing around with a board. Experienced “readers” know how to use the board as a tool in connecting but the average person doesn’t understand the sensitivity of the board. My friend, Nancy, was a teen when she experimented with a Ouija board. When she went to bed, it felt like something was sitting on her chest. It took a few weeks for this feeling to go away. The board is not a toy—stay away without proper training.
If you notice a mischievous energy in your home, particularly in a child’s room, try using sage or sweet grass for smudging (dried sage bundles and sweet grass are a Native American tradition used for cleansing and purifying an area by lighting one end and waving the smoke around an area). These can be found in most holistic stores or Native American shops. Additionally, hang a religious cross and sprinkle holy water in the room. Teach your child that they are protected and how to call in angels, God, Jesus, or whatever teachings you are comfortable with. I often teach children to call in Saint Michael the Arch Angel and ask him to stand guard at the door. Children need to know they are safe, protected and watched over in a comforting way. Be careful not to feed their anxieties with your own. Be firm, confident, and gentle in how you approach the subject matter of spirits and angels.

What happens when we go to heaven?

From what spirits tell me, they go through what is called an “orientation.” It’s a tour of Heaven for a newly arrived spirit. They reunite with loved ones and get to see their spirit guide and other guides again. If a spirit is having a hard time adjusting, the other spirits assist like a social worker or therapist would for the living. They also get to review their book of life in which we examine what we have done in regards to thoughts, words, and deeds while here on Earth. From there, some take a rest, have celebrations, sometimes spend time alone, some study, some work, and some heal from their physical death of leaving a loved on behind. The spirits and we are all the same in a lot of ways yet different when it comes to dealing, coping, and handling certain things like feelings, choices and free will.

What does heaven look like?

From what I have seen with spirits is that each of them have their own designs of Heaven (a “Screen Saver”). They create their “Heaven” to be whatever they feel comfortable with. For instance, a spirit might reside by the Ocean, just as they loved to do here. I might see a boat around a spirit if that’s what soothed their soul. Others may be around children if they are teaching in Heaven, and others may show me the home they grew up in (a familiar, comfortable scene of their own personal “Heaven.”)

Are my loved ones in heaven still angry with me?

I have not come across any spirit who is angry with their loved one, even if there was a problem between the two people. Each spirit has come through to me with nothing but unconditional love. The reason for this; in Heaven you get to see the bigger picture of what your life was here and all that were in it. And also, God is nothing but pure unconditional love, so therefore, a spirit forgives and many times they tell me to tell their loved one to forgive themselves so that they, spirits, and the living, can live life more fully. Have faith that all the challenges are left here.

Do animals communicate with messages from heaven?

Animals absolutely communicate in much the same way as human spirits. I have personally experienced it numerous times when I’ve connected clients to their animals beyond. Amazingly, the animal speaks to me in a very human way and their messages are just the same as a human message. In general, animals, especially dogs, are very sensitive to energy in the room. They may bark and appear as though they are looking at something or someone, and nobody is there.

If a spirit never spoke English how do you communicate with them?

In Heaven, the language is universal. Spirits that never spoke English know that I don’t speak another language so therefore they adapt to me so I can understand them. The same goes for infants and animals. I was once doing a reading for a Greek woman. Her husband was coming through and my friend, Maryann, was interpreting; she is fluent in Greek. The woman’s husband kept relaying to me “Skussy Malaka.” I repeated what I was hearing. Maryann was kicking me really hard under the table. The woman was smiling and nodding. She seemed quite happy with the message. The look of death was coming from my friend. Finally, I whispered to her, “What is he saying?” She gritted her teeth and whispered under her breath, “Shut up idiot!” I let out a gasp but the old Greek woman grabbed my hand and said, “Now I know it is him, he always said that to me!!!”